Sunday, November 15, 2009

Second Church of Maravankudieruppu

The second Church was constructed near to Wilson shop and only prayer services were held there intially and later the Holy mass had celebrated .

First Church of Maravankudieruppu

The first Church of Maravankudieruppu was constructed near cemetery and only prayer services held there.Behind the Church is the Tomb of Mr.Swamiyadian Thirupappu

Our Lady of Assumption in cemetery church which made by wood

Our Lady of Assumption is the First patronage of Maravankudieruppu and that is taken from Kamanaickenpatti to maravankudieruppu by Mr.Swamyadian Thirupappu.This is kept on the first Church, and now it was called cemetery Church. Specially it was made by Wood.

Invitation to opening of the new Church at 1954

This is the Invitation of the Church that build at 11-12- 1954 . It states that the Rt.Rev.Fr.Roch Agniswamy , the bishop of Kottar blessed and opened . Rev.Fr.D.C.Antony was the Parish Priest of Kurusady.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Parish Priest of Maravankudieruppu

On 7 January 1984 saturday at 7.00 pm, our Parish was bifurcated from Kurusady. On occassion to this our new Parish Priest Rev.Fr.Devasahayam was accamponied by the maravankudieruppu parishners and sworn in as an new Parish Priest of Maravankudieruppu

Opening of our Church at 1954

In 1954 Rt.Rev.Fr.Agniswamy blessed and celebrate the first Holy Mass on 11-12-1954 in our newly build Church.