Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kallarai vasapu drama

This is the drama which made the people with happier on earlier days. This is also an unique drama held in kamanaickenpatti.This story starts after the death of Jesus Christ and the drama
stages from the 16th century.This will be held during nights by Petromuse light.
Unfortunately in Maravankudieruppu now it is staged off.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

St Vincent de Paul Society in Maravankudieruppu

The aim of Vincent de Paul Society is Jesus Christs principle of if you did it to one of the least of the members of my family you did it to me?.

The Vincent de Paul Society was started by the our Vincentians. Vincent de Paul Societys Services are to select seven poor families and give food, accommodation and medical allowance.

Youth Club in Maravankudieruppu

The objective of Youth Movement is to unite all the youths and to live an eternal life.

Each one us needs direct human contact with the power and the love of God. Jesus wants all his people to live a happy and joyous life. Therefore He wants us healed of anything that saddens or depresses us, obstacles that make it impossible to love. He wants us to live a victorious Christian life, right in the devil?s back yard. So our Youth Movement is to serve the poor children to continue their studies. They teach the poor children. They take free tuitions. Our services are to improve social environment, donate blood, give awareness to drugs, clean the graveyard, encourage the people to save money, build a small library, help the poor, visit the aged serviettes home, wrote bus time-table in the entrance of the village, etc.

Title of Thirupapu

Thirupapu means Godly care, the status given to the people of Nadar community for their wealth and social status. Mr. Swamiyadian Thirupapu has the title Thirupapu in his name. This shows that he lived with wealth and social status in Maravankudieruppu. Alternate legend suggests the ancestors to be the mercenaries hired by the king of Travancore from Kamanayakkanpatti, during the political upheaval in the samasthanam. Nadars were also called as Santoor (Educated people in the Chera Kingdom).