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History of Maravankudieruppu

Location of Kamanaickenpatti

Kamanaickenpatti is situated at 14 Km NE from kovilpatti, where Nadar and Vellalar communities lived. During 16th century (nearly 1600 AD) in Kayatharu nearly 45 families got baptized and followed the Catholic Church. After that conversion, people of Kamanaickenpatti also got baptized by St. John De Britto and a Church was also built by him in 1685 AD. After 1668 AD Kamanaickenpatti developed as an permanent settlement to Jesuits Priests for their religious works. Rev. Fr. Beschi served as the 7th parish priest in the Kamanaickenpatti parish.

Name of Kamanaickenpatti

The name of Kamanaickenpatti was derived from the name of a king. There were two brothers Ettapa Naicker and Kama Naicker who ruled these places during 1600 AD. One village was named as Kamanaicken patti and the nearby village is named as Ettu Naickenpatti.

Cause for migration

Due to religious riot (vedakalapanai) in the 17th century, (1700-29) old Kamanaickenpatti was fully destroyed, even now the destroyed place can be seen in the north side of the Cemetery. During the religious riot (vedakalapanai) King Chegavera RamaKachil Ettapa Naicker released and laid a stone order in 1665 AD to protect the Catholics from the enemies. The same laid stone was now erected in front of the Church. The quarrel and fight against Christians was very severe, and there is no safety for them to survive. This made the people to think of migration to other places,and in the mean time Mr. Swamiyadian Thirupapu migrated to Maravankudieruppu.

After Migration

During 1700 AD migration took place to Maravankudieruppu and Mr. Swamiyadian Thirupapu arrived here and established Maravankudieruppu. He married Perianachi @ Peria Nadachi, a woman from the neighboring Kalasamiraki kudieruppu and settled here. They had no children, so he adopt three childrens of his brother and a relatives child from Kamanaickenpatti and make them as their heirs. They believed to be the ancestors of this village.

Maravankudierupu name

Mr. Swamiyadian Thirupapu was an Army Officer in the Vadugar Kingdom of that area. Since he was a Catholic, he was tortured by the then Vadugar King. So he left the job and came to Travancore Cochin Samasthanam where Christians were accepted by the King (Samastham means Kingdom). He joined the army and participated in the Vadesery war against Vadugar and fulfilled the basic needs for the Victory of the war. The king honored him by the name "Maravan" which means Brave Man and allotted him this area. He was made the in-charge for Treasury of the area. So this place is called as Maravan Kudieruppu. The meaning for this is "Brave people".

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