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History Of our Church

Catholic History

In Kottar Diocese, most of the Catholics are the followers of St. Thomas, or St. Francis Xavier. The people in Maravankudieruppu have a different history. Catholics here are baptized by St. John De Britto from Kamanaicken patti and hence there were said to be the followers of St. John De Britto.

First Church

In olden days, there where only few Catholics who lived as small groups and are not able to build a Church. So they build small Chapel called kurusady to fulfill their spiritual needs. Similarly in Maravankudieruppu too they build a small chapel in cemetery and dedicated it to Our lady of Assumption , the statue that was brought from Kamanaicken patti.

The tomb of Mr. Swamiyadian Thirupapu is behind the chapel. Till 1920 Holy mass was not celebrated there, but prayers were conducted by Laymen (upathesiar). He is responsible for maintaining the church with the offerings and the excess will go to him as salary.

His duty is to Light up the lamp with oil (punnai) and start the prayer service. Our lady in the church made lot of miracles to the people and till now people believe the cemetery chapel and pray there regularly. As population increases the chapel had less capacity to accommodate more devotees. So they decided to build another church.

Second Church

This is located near the western side of the well.Over 100 people can able to sit and pray.Inside the Church there are the statues of Blessed Virgin Mary, (now on St.NallamanaMatha curia) Infant Jesus and St.Joseph where placed on the altars.In front of the Church there was an bell , but it is not efficiently to cover over the distance.So they decided and bought a big bell,but the Church was too old to hold the bell. So they hang up the bell on the near by Tamarind tree.( presently the bell is used in our present Church).

For a long period ago the Second Church was used as an veranda school for over 120 years. The school was up to Second standard only and the teaching method is by writing on the sand. When the school was build and shifted to road side, then the School here was transfered as Church.After that, services from the cemmetery chapel also transfered to the Second Church.Basically this is used as an Kurusady. Mainly this is used for multipurpose to conduct various functions.

1.Prayers and services in the evening.
2.Marian Month (May) is celebrated very grantly.
3.Village committe meetings.

From 1940 itself the Holy mass services was started by Rev.Fr.Richard.When tlhe Holy mass celebration started, then the feast is also celebrated on August.Once in a Month,the Holy mass is celebrated on Sundays at 7.00 AM . After 1947-51 Rev.Fr.Ambrose celebrated the Holy mass once in a week. From then Marriage and other Sacrements were also held there.(previously for Marriage and other Sacrements people go to Kurusady Parish).When the population become more the chapel was too weak to conduct services.So they decided to build another church.

Third Church

Third church have been survived in three places and finally planned near to the play ground.As soon as the construction work started, the foundation stone was laid by the Bishop of Kottar Rev.Fr.Rockangiswamy in 1945.For Collecting fund the the people who were above 18 years must give duties, if not they will work as an service during constuction.

For mobilizing huge funds, people of Maravankudieruppu singing "Thukka pattu" to other Catholic parishes and collect donations Another spectacular one is the arch ,designed by the height of 60 feet and no other Church near by Maravankudieruppu is is built in this design.Then the tower of the Church is altered at the final stage.When the Church construction was partially completed and ready for service.

At December 11 1954 at 6.30 AM in the morning the Church was blessed and opened by the Bishop of Kottar Rev.Fr.Rockangiswamy with the parish priest of Kurusady Rev.Fr.D.C.Antony . During the Feasts, for hosting the flag intially they used Kammuku tree, then teak and they used concrete tower.

In earlier days Petromax lights and Candles were used in Churches.Later the Church was Electirified and decided to buy light and other accesories.In 1962 by singing "Thukka pattu" in 14 parishes and collected Rs.440 to buy Amplipier and Speakers. After that lightning arresters were bought by the help of the donators(very costly at that time).Mercury lights were also fixed, this light is having an glowing capacity of 2 Kms surrounding the Maravankudieruppu entire area.

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